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    Hey crushers,

    I hope summer is going really good for you guys. Well, for me, summer just sucked and I've been feeling pretty sad lately. Recently, I got news that one of my very close friend committed suicide because of depression. This incident apparently occurred like couple of years ago but I came to know a week ago only. The news was hard to handle when I was just recovering from one of my uncle's tragic suicidal incident. Now just a few days ago, Chester Bennington, whose songs were a part of my childhood killed himself as well. With all these events, I really need a few days to recover and deviate my attention somewhere else just so that I will not fall into depression myself. I have responsibilities and there are many people who care about me. Because of everything, I want to live more than ever now. I want to defeat this monstrous disease.

    I have a great idea about new ecommerce store and have already started working on that. Just registered domain and a shopify account, integrated some basic apps and will start adding product shortly. This thread will be a tribute to all the people I loved and cared, who lost their life to depression. If you think someone you care about is going through depression, just go and talk to them. Sometimes, they can't fight the battle with their inner monster themselves and just talking to them could help save their life.

    Will begin the update starting second post. Cheers!

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