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I’m Mateen from

From $15k+ Days on Teespring to $100k+ Campaigns, I've found my fair share of gold nuggets in this game.

I've been featured in a tonne of affiliate blogs and news sites such as AffPosts, Quicksprout, AffBuzz,,, and many more!

My Goal is to make you Successful

This forum is my attempt to build a community focussed on making money through ecommerce businesses such as Teespring, Shopify, Amazon FBA, Niche Sites etc.  No upsells, no gimmicks, no marketers trying to sell you stuff, just straight up practical advice on making your campaigns and business better.
Come interact with members that have 'been there, done that' and are happy to share HOW.

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The cost of the forum is $20/m but we have a $5 for 5 days trial up so you can come check it out!

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$50k+/m Store Owner RelentlessAction

I own a $50k+/month E-Commerce website and working towards 200% growth. Mateen's EcomUniverse offers an amazing collection of training videos for anyone interested in getting started with Facebook and running your own E-Commerce site. I have no doubt that his FB experience and the forum members can help me reach my goal of $100k+ per month with my own e-commerce website. I'm very excited to see what EcomUniverse will offer in the future as it will only get better.

Shopify Store Owner
$300+ Days

The real world advice and scope of knowledge from the guys and gals on EcomUniverse is incredible. No BS, no upsells, just pure actionable advice. Once I starting interacting with everyone on the forum, I went from losing money to actually making profit nearly every day. Come join us!

70,000+ YouTube Subscribers FitGuru

I started my online journey a few years ago with a youtube fitness channel I created just for fun. When it took off it made me realize that making money online is real and not as difficult as most people think as long as you're willing to put in the work. Since then i've had some decent success with marketing CPA offers on social media and have now turned my focus to ecommerce. I have taken a few courses online, which taught me quite a bit, but unfortunately left me hanging with questions.

I have been a follower of Mateen's blog for a few months and jumped at the chance to join ecomuniverse as soon as it opened. This is a great forum to network with like-minded individuals who have a common create high volume ecommerce stores. Mateen is very transparent with his business, has great tutorials and is always willing to help with any question or concern.

I'm looking forward to being a major contributor here as my ecommerce career and this forum grows. If you're new to ecommenre or even a seasoned veteran, Ecomuniverse is a great place to be.

Serial Entrepreneur - Scaling From Teespring to Shopify Moey

The moment I realized that I could generate an income online was life changing. The first sale I made, which took 3 month of work, was one of the best feeling I’ve ever experienced. It went from a dream to a reality.

From the information Mateen has given me, I was able to create a Teespring campaign that was generating 300% return on investment (ROI). The information from the forum is invaluable, but what’s more important is the community that is being built and focussed on success.

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